NEWS von Montag, 13.09.2021

Two victories for Walter Herrnreiter in Straubing?


Race 1: David As (Walter Herrnreiter) likest he circular start and can win despite of his handicap. The long distance suits him well. Everywanna (Gerd Biendl) faces perfect conditions and won a race for amateurs. Blue Edition (Marcus Gramüller) ist perhaps the most classy horse here if he avoids mistakes. Mister Big Yankee (Gerd Mayr) did well under the saddle. Albin T (Alp Terlikciogullari) is the horse for a little surprise.

Race 2: Again, Walter Herrnreiter is able to win this race. His Suarez faces an handicap, but nevertheless he is propably the best horste in this race. Dream of Action (Gerd Biendl) is perfectly drawn and can take over the lead. Olympia Hazelaar (Josef Sparber) is very estimated, but uses to deceive sometimes. Virgil Venus (Christoph Schwarz) can cause a surprise.

Race 3: Better be Royal (Alexander Kelm) is the horse to beat here, but the filly has to avoid mistakes. Xaver Venus (Christoph Schwarz) did alright with his amateur. Theresa Viking (Josef Sparber) won a handicap in Berlin. She is very fast behind the gate and so she’s ideally drawn today.

Race 4: You need three horses in this race if you want to find the winner. Our pick is Dan CG (Josef Sparber) who has shown good form since a couple of months. He was also brillant with his owner Emma Stolle. But the number is tricky and so Mystic Dream (Gerhard Biendl) and Gino (Alexander Kelm) can also win here. Usher Diamant (Josef Seebauer) is consistent and good but needs some racing luck.

Race 5: It’s time for a new victory for Othello Venus (Andreas Geineder) who was brillant in Austria and won his first start together with Jos Verbeeck. Jamai Raja BR (Robert Pletschacher) did alright in a derby heat for fillies in Berlin. Highwaytohell (Gerd Biendl) can also convince when he decides to trot, he was very unlucky last time and is excused.