NEWS von Dienstag, 11.05.2021

Here are our picks:
Cachamour against tough opponents in Straubing

Nine races on Thursday, 13th May, in Straubing in Germany and nine chances to earn money: You can see very interesting competitions at the race track in Bavaria. Here are our picks:

Race 1: Good chances for Gerd Biendl: If VIP Diamant avoids mistakes, he can be the winner. Rock my Heart (Robert Pletschacher) won directly won her first start which was a big surprise and has to be followed. Salvemadonna (Christoph Schwarz) is gifted and if she shows the right attitude, she can also win.

Race 2: Ocean Blue (Rudolf Haller) was very good in the last race against tougher opponents even if she was defeated in the end. She already beat Zucchero (Peter Platzer), but the horse does well in Straubing and shouldn’t be underestimated. Baxter Hill (Alexander Kelm) is propably the most classy horse in this race, but doesn’t always show the right attitude, also deceived after a nice trip in Munich.

Race 3: Bellini Rosso (Christoph Schwarz) finds a very nice task here and is well-drawn. He could go for the lead here. Aperol CG (Wiktoria Kopec) is consistent and good. Lightning Bo (Andreas Geineder) also shows good form and can be in the mix here.

Race 4: Tyron Hill (Alexander Kelm) is the horse to beat and a real banker. He will be hard to beat if he avoids a mistake. SJ’s Bianco (Rudolf Haller) is improved after having changed the trainer. Waldblume Venus (Robert Pletschacher) is consistent and good but will find it hard to go for the lead today.

Race 5: Cachamour (Marian Tux) directly won his comeback race after being injured and was even better in the following race. Got a very offensive trip the last time. If the circular start works well with his owner, he will be the horse to beat. But Very Special One (Peter Platzer) is also a very classy horse who won 4 out of 7 starts last year. Will be interesting to follow in his comeback. Flash Gordon (Marie Lindinger) adores the Straubing race track, but this is the first circular start for him and he has today an amateur in his bike – the horse isn’t that easy to drive.

Race 6: Al Capone (Rudolf Haller) is well drawn and comes from a well-deserved victory in Italy. Cataleya (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is a quick starter and ideally drawn, she could go for the lead here. Shimmy des Bois (Gerd Biendl) is estimated and showed good form in the last race. Holiday Dragon (Hans Hellmeier) can be in the mix if he avoids mistakes.

Race 7: L’Amicus (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is the best horse in this race and is well-prepared after a break. This is also the case with National Pride (Herbert Strobl) who likes the Straubing race track. Suarez (Walter Herrnreiter) won 4 out of 13 starts last year and developped really well. But the number is quite tricky.

Race 8: Atlantis (Josef Sparber) is classy and shows good speed. His victory in Straubing was very good, but then he galopped in Berlin. The Revenant (Christoph Schwarz) was very good behind a possible derby starter. Black Pearl (Gerhard Biendl) already won three times this year and was very good behind tough opponents, she can also be the winner.

Race 9: Désirée Star (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is able to handle the 50 meters at the circular start and is propably the most classy horse here. But there are two opponents with less meters to go: Fétiche Mourotais (Rudolf Haller) and Equimax (Marisa Bock), and both are very chancy. With the right trip, also Canyon Castelets (Christoph Schwarz) can be in the mix.

Race 1: (6) VIP Diamant - (7) Rock my Heart - (3) Salvemadonna
Race 2: (3) Ocean Blue - (4) Zucchero - (7) Baxter Hill
Race 3: (4) Bellini Rosso - (1) Aperol CG - (5) Lighning Bo
Race 4: (2) Tyron Hill - (3) SJ’s Bianco - (8) Waldblume Venus
Race 5: (7) Cachamour - (5) Very Special One - (1) Flash Gordon
Race 6: (3) Al Capone - (2) Cataleya - (4) Shimmy des Bois - (6) Holiday Dragon
Race 7: (4) L’Amicus - (2) National Pride - (7) Suarez
Race 8: (6) Atlantis - (8) The Revenant - (7) Black Pearl
Race 9: (7) Desiree Star - (4) Fetiche Mourotais - (2) Equimax