NEWS von Donnerstag, 10.06.2021

Some information for our friends
Eaton is the horse to beat in Straubing


Six races in Straubing, each one with very interesting horses: What a Saturday in Germany! One of our favorites is Eaton who is able to win the fourth race. Here are our tipps:

Race 1: (7) Desirée Star (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is the horse to beat, also with this number and her double handicap. She is one of the best French horses in Germany and her owner is very pleased with his mare. (5) DJ D’Urfist (Christoph Fischer) already did well in Straubing in the past and put in several good efforts in Austria. (3) Equimax (Marisa Bock) is a slow starter, but this number is an advantage and the horse is in good shape.

Race 2: (2) Bavaria (Josef Franzl) is the little sister of the excellent Azimut who also already won in Sweden and raced in France. She looked nice in her qualifier. (3) Capriccio BR galopped in his debut, can certainly do better. (7) Destiny Venus (Martin Geineder) already showed quick pace in Gelsenkirchen and can be in the mix.

Race 3: (3) Valencia (Herbert Lorenz) never was better as now and she also won in a good way under the saddle. Her owner knows the horse well, the number is excellent. (8) L’Amicus (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is a good horse who doesn’t always trot perfectly. He’s really good when he’s at his best. (9) David As (Walter Herrnreiter) needs a perfect journey and is the horse for a little suprise. (5) Flash Gordon races with Renate Lindinger for the first time, the horse is strong, but also a bit complicated.

Race 4: (6) Eaton (Gerd Biendl) is our banker here. He is very classy and without a mistake he will not be easy to beat. (1) Better Be Royal (Josef Franzl) is a lot better than her latest results show. (7) Waldblume Venus (Robert Pletschacher) can open fast and can get a tough journey here, but was very good in the last race.

Race 5: Several horses to go for the lead. The journey might decide. (5) Al Capone (Rudolf Haller) won in Straubing against tough horses. (4) Oscar de Jar R is very strong in Austria. (2) Cataleya (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is in good shape and can open fast, might go for the lead here together with (5) Windhund (Robert Pletschacher) who won against easier opponents in Munich.

Race 6: No-one was able to beat (9) Beppi Santana (Josef Franzl) up to now: Four races, for wins fort he horse. His trainer hopes that this won’t change today. (8) Agayev d’Anerol (Josef Sparber) won his first race last time in Munich against easier opponents and was brave. (6) Black Pearl (Gerd Biendl) can also be in the mix with the right journey – she is stronger in Straubing than in Munich.

Our tipps:
Race 1: (7) Desiree Star – (5) DJ D’Urfist – (3) Equimax
Race 2: (2) Bavaria – (3) Capriccio BR – (7) Destiny Venus
Race 3: (2) Valencia – (8) L’Amicus – (9) David As - (5) Flash Gordon
Race 4: (6) Eaton – (1) Better Be Royal – (7) Waldblume Venus
Race 5: (1) Al Capone – (4) Oscar de Jan R – (2) Cataleya – (9) Olympia Hazelar
Race 6: (9) Beppi Santana – (8) Agayev d’Anerol – (6) Black Pearl