NEWS von Donnerstag, 07.10.2021

Who’s the best amateur in Straubing?

Straubing, the beautiful race track in the East of Bavaria, is looking for the best amateur. Will he or she be German or Austrian? This question will be answered on Sunday, when 10 great races will take place, a major part of them for amateurs. Here are our picks:

Race 1: Thomas Royer is Skeeter Venus‘ partner, and he is without a doubt one of the best amateurs in Europe. His chances are good, because Skeeter Venus won impressively in Munich, but deceived afterwards. Emma Stolle, a new and very talented amateur, is hi schallenger, but Avanti Royal has to avoid mistakes. Windhund likes to be driven by Julia Wiesner and remains dangerous.
Race 2: There’s a banker in this race, and his name is Zucchero (Peter Platzer). He’s without a doubt the most classy horse in this race. David As (Walter Herrnreiter) is consistent and good. Fly to the Top (Thomas Royer) is an excellent horse, but doesn’t always do what he’s able to do.
Race 3: The best horse here is Al Capone (Marie Lindinger). He is very classy an good, but not that easy. Theresa Viking (Emma Stolle) is better than ever and won in Munich. Aperol CG (Walter Herrnreiter) finds a top-amateur in his bike and is supposed to work very well.
Race 4: Shun Eck (Robert Pletschacher) raced very well behind an outstanding winner. Rhett Butler (Christoph Schwarz) always tries his best without having won yet. Dexter CG (Marcus Gramüller) ist chancy when he avoids mistakes.
Race 5: Jeromino Casei (Emma Stolle) won in Munich and impressed very much. Gri My Dream (Herbert Tuscher) is ideally drawn and finds a nice task here, she uses to meet tough horses. Lucky Beuckenswijk (Martin Floh) tried to make it to the German derby’s final what was too hard for him.
Race 6: Highwaytothehell (Gerd Biendl) was able to win three times in 13 days und impressed a lot. Quartmajor (Robert Pletschacher) looked nice in Munich and was improved for his new trainer. Lady Dyanne (Gerhard Mayr) is in good shape. Sir Aragorn SR (Johann Hollweck) was unlucky in Munich and disqualified. He came in 4th, but did not trot well.
Race 7: Bitter Lemon (Wolfgang Ruth) is in great shape and has good gate speed, so the number is perfect. Nashua (Jochen Haide) is very classy, and Jochen Haide is an advantage. Omega Man (Christoph Schwarz) loves to go fort he lead and was excellent in winter, but might perhaps nead this race after a break.
Race 8: If the very good Dan CG (Emma Stolle) avoids mistakes, he’s without a doubt the best horse in the field. Usher Diamant (Josef Seebauer) is a quick starter who was very unlucky in the last race. He’s better than it seems. Bramante Cla (Marcus Gramüller) has to proof the results in Italy.
Race 9: Daisy CG (Christoph Schwarz) shows good form and will soon score the first victory. Lucky Scott (Gerhard Mayr) will be improved and already did well in Straubing. Salvemadonna (Maximilan Berger) could get a very offensive trip, but is a good horse.
Rennen 10: Deniro (Marie Lindinger) won very impressively despite a little mistakes. He’s not that easy, but has a top chance with this number in the circular start when he avoids mistakes. Désirée Star (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is without a doubt one of the very best French horses in Germany and uses to meet tough horses. She convinced a lot in Berlin and also in Munich against tough opponents. Groom Dancer (Emma Stolle) gets better and better.

Our picks:
Race 1: (5) Skeeter Venus – (1) Avanti Royal – (4) Windhund
Race 2: (4) Zucchero – (7) Fly to the Top – (5) David As
Race 3: (5) Al Capone – (1) Theresa Viking – (8) Aperol CG
Race 4: (6) Shun Eck – (7) Rhett Butler – (3) Dexter CG
Race 5: (6) Jeronymo Casei – (5) Gri My Dream – (3) Lucky Beuckenswijk
Race 6: (9) Highwaytohell – (10) Quartmajor – (7) Lady Dyanne – (3) Sir Aragon SR
Race 7: (3) Bitter Lemon – (5) Nashua – (7) Omega Man
Race 8: (6) Dan CG – (4) Usher Diamant – (7) Bramante CLA
Race 9: (4) Daisy CG – (2) Lucky Scott – (5) Salvemadonna
Race 10: (2) Deniro – (7) Desiree Star – (6) Groom Dancer