NEWS von Mittwoch, 17.11.2021

Flash Gordon is back in town


He resumes from a spell but has already won many times in Straubing: Flash Gordon is back at the Bavarian race track and wants to fight for victory one more time in the second race. Rudolf Haller will present his horse fit and well, but he has to beat Troublemaker. You can earn money in eight races on Saturday in Straubing. Here are our picks:

Race 1: Dan CG (Emma Stolle) has never been better and won in a very good style also his last race. Dream of Action (Daniel Hinterhäuser) is not an easy horse but has an amateur with lots of talent behind him. He loves the race track in Straubing. Without a mistake, he can go around many opponents here. Theresa Viking (Marcus Gramüller) has become more reliable and is a quick starter, she will be able to reach a nice position.

Race 2: Troublemaker (Alexander Kelm) won in a very impressive way and showed that he is back in good shape. Flash Gordon (Rudolf Haller) adores the Straubing race track and will surely do fine after a break. Skeeter Venus (Christoph Schwarz) has developped well for his new trainer and is very consinstent.

Race 3: King Occagnes (Marian Tux) is a new face in Bavaria. He won in Hamburg on October 2nd and showed good skills. Nice task here today. Great Combination (Christoph Schwarz) is reliable and this driver is an advantage. Be the One (Herbert Strobl) can be the winner here if he avoids mistakes. Daisy CG (Johann Hollweck) did alright in the last race.

Race 4: Karl Schermer (Lukas Strobl) met tough opponents and the third place was alright. This race is a bit easier. SJ’s Bianco (Marie Lindinger) resumes from a spell and has to be followed with this nice number. Cocktail CG (Martin Geineder) can also win, the fifth place against tougher horses was not bad.

Race 5: Black Pearl (Gerhard Biendl) becomes stronger and stronger. She fought well for victory in Munich but also appreciates the race track in Straubing. Jeronimo Casei (Alexander Kelm) is estimated in his environment and has good gate speed. But also Usher Diamant (Christoph Schwarz) is very fast behind the gate, he is consistent and good and can cause a surprise with his driver today.

Race 6: L’Amicus (Stefan Hiendlmeier) was unlucky being disqualified after a foul. He would have beaten a very good horse that day called Giacomo Pastor. National Pride (Lukas Strobl) also met this Giacomo Pastor and was second, he showed good form. Escada (Romina Beranek) uses to meet tougher horses. Everywanna (Daniel Hinterhäuser) was very strong in the last race and caused a nice surprise.

Race 7: Espoir Rouge TU (Herbert Strobl) has become more reliable and is one of the best horses in this race. Rhett Buttler (Christoph Fischer) showed good form and finally deserves a victory. Hurricane AV (Lukas Strobl) is not an easy horse and galopped in the last race, without a mistake he can even lead this troughout.

Race 8: Desiree Star (Stefan Hiendlmeier) is one oft he best French horses in Germany and will fight for victory again. Canyon Castelets (Christoph Schwarz) resumes from a spell and is working well. He won many times after having moved from France to Germany. Equimax (Marisa Bock) is a really sophisticated horse and not easy to drive, but Marisa Bock knows him well and he uses to finish very fast on the home stretch.

Our picks:
Race 1: (4) Dan CG – (3) Dream of Action – (5) Theresa Viking
Race 2: (2) Troublemaker – (5) Flash Gordon – (4) Skeeter Venus
Race 3: (7) King Occagnes – (8) Great Combination – (5) Be the One – (6) Daisy CG
Race 4: (3) Karl Schermer – (2) SJ’s Bianco – (4) Cocktail CG
Race 5: (1) Black Pearl – (3) Jeronymo Casei – (2) Usher Diamant
Race 6: (4) L’Amicus – (3) National Pride – (7) Escada – (6) Everywanna
Race 7: (7) Espoir Rouge TU – (2) Rhett Butler – (5) Hurricane AV
Race 8: (6) Desiree Star – (7) Canyon Castelets – (2) Equimax